Frequently Asked Questions

Will the bikes and donations we collect stay in our area?
Yes they can! If you buy from our website, the bikes will be going to one of our eight event locations. If you want to ensure the bikes stay in your area, purchase the bikes from a local store and donate to a local charity. We can help you connect with the local charity if you are outside our eight event locations.
Will tax receipts be issued for bikes or cash donations?
When can I purchase the bikes or make a donation?
Between September 8, 2017 to November 3, 2017.
Who will benefit from my bike donation?
Bikes will be distributed to kids in need via our charitable partners across Canada.
Will there be “big events” to showcase all the bikes that were collected?
Yes! We will be doing events in various cities on Thursday, December 7, 2017 and Wednesday, December 13, 2017 with extensive media coverage. (the Dec 13 date is Vancouver and not set in stone yet)
Where will the events be held?
Events will be held in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. We have an Ambassador assigned to each event to ensure all goes well. Here are the specific locations:

Victoria – Dec 7th – time and location to follow – RSVP to Jason Zailo –

Calgary – Dec 7th – time and location to follow – RSVP to Joanne Purcell –

Edmonton – Dec 7th – time and location to follow – RSVP to Michele McGarvey –

Regina – Dec 7th – time and location to follow  – RSVP to Gage Huber –

Toronto – Dec 7th – time and location to follow  – RSVP to Vince Tarantino –

Ottawa – Dec 7th – time and location to follow – RSVP to Kim McKenney –

Vancouver – Dec 13th (tentative) – 6:00 AM – Pan Pacific Hotel – 999 Canada Place – RSVP to Deb Beuk –

Montreal – Dec 7th – 6:00 AM – time and location to follow – RSVP to Robert Perrier –

Why is an event not being held in every area where there is a DLC office?
We started in one city and this year we are holding eight events. Hopefully in the coming years we will continue to add more events!
Where can I buy a bike?
The bikes can be purchased through our website – We have partnered with Canadian Tire and Runners Crafted Cycle. These great companies have given us special pricing AND will include a helmet for all bikes and a lock for the pedal bikes. You can purchase a bike from any store of your choosing but please consider including a helmet for safety reasons. Also, let know how many bikes you have and email a picture of you with the bikes so we can add to our total count.
What if I just want to donate cash?
You can donate cash through our website – – and we will purchase bikes with your generous donation for kids in your area.
Can I donate a used bike?
No. For this Christmastime program only new bikes are accepted.
If I order the bikes from the website, will the bikes be delivered to me?
If you order from Canadian Tire via our website, the bikes will be delivered to one main store (all available pick up stores are listed on the website)  for you to pick-up or if you are in an event area the bikes will be delivered to the event site for you.

If you order from Runners via our website, the bikes will either be shipped to the ambassador in the event area you choose or if you want you can have them delivered directly to you if you order 4 or more. These bikes do require assembly which is easy and only takes about 15 minutes.

Can bikes be dropped off at a DLC office?
Yes! New bikes, helmets and locks can be dropped off at any DLC office between September 1, 2017 to December 1, 2017. Our locations can be found here: